Acid Wash by Pool Maintenance Service Hoschton

Acid Wash by Pool Maintenance Service Hoschton

Are you worried about your pool not being the best even after several attempts at cleaning and regular maintenance? Do you feel like there are permanent stains in your collection that are difficult to eliminate with routine care? Are you tired of trying expensive cleaning products and still, the pool does not seem as clean as it should be? If yes, we have sorted you all because we are determined to transform your pool into the most hygienic, aesthetic, and clean it has ever been. We have highly qualified and experienced staff working in this field for several years. 

You must take advantage of our experience and the premium quality cleaning products that we use in the maintenance process to get the best shape for your pool. Acid washing is one of the most common ways to get rid of the dirt and debris accumulated in the pool for many years. Acid has the properties to dissolve stains that cannot be removed by using any other cleaning agents, no matter how strong and good quality they are.

Is Acid Washing Safe if Done by Pool Maintenance Service Hoschton? 

It is safe to wash your pool with the help of the top-rated pool maintenance service in Hoschton because it helps to get rid of all the algae and gunk that has been built up in your pool. If the algae are not removed, it smells bad and looks very unpleasant to the eyes. Also, swimming is not safe when there are so much algae in the water. Therefore, you should rest your trust in Clear Tec Pools for the best quality maintenance services with minimum turnaround time and affordable rates. 

Hydrochloric acid, also known as muriatic acid, is mixed in water and then sprayed on the surface to eliminate any grime and buildup. Then a brush is used to scrub the staining and other accumulated matter. The chemical helps soften the accumulated dirt, which is otherwise difficult to eliminate. 

Acid wash deals with problems like copper stains, magnesium stains, hard water, algae growth, and other issues that are usually difficult to solve with conventional methods. Therefore, you should refer to a pool cleaning in Hoschton rather than taking the matter into your own hands

Why Do You Need a Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton? 

Acid washing requires top-quality equipment and high-quality chemicals, which are not easily available at home. Rather than getting all the suppliers and doing the service yourself, hiring professional assistance is better because it is safer and more convenient. Professional pool cleaning service is not only equipped with highly skilled individuals but also has the right equipment that makes it possible to be done in a limited time and with great efficiency. They have great expertise in pool equipment installation and therefore handle this job far better than an inexperienced person. 

Chemical Handling 

As the chemicals used in this process are quite harsh and strong, you need the expertise of a professional to use them. If you are not well equipped or acknowledged for using these chemicals, you might end up hurting yourself. These chemicals can cause serious chemical and acid burns and must be handled with great precision. 

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It is better to trust the services of a pool cleaning company and get the work done in a few hours rather than trying to do it yourself and spend days on it. It will not just take too much time but also be less efficient than that professional service. So, choose the best before it’s too late.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many times can a pool be acid washed?

If your pool is in good shape and you keep washing it regularly, it might not need the acid wash that frequently. In these circumstances, you can take help from a professional pool maintenance service in Hoschton every 5 to 7 years. However, if your pool needs more maintenance than usual, it is better to go for an acid wash as soon as possible. 

What kind of precaution need to be taken for acid washing?

Acid washing requires harsh chemicals that can cause harm, like burns to your skin and eyes. Therefore, it is important to have eye protection and skin protection in the form of goggles and gloves. You must keep the goggles on as your eyes are more sensitive while scrubbing the pool. It is even better to take professional help because they have all the right equipment to perform the task. 

How long does acid washing in a pool take?

The time duration required for an acid wash depends upon the requirement of each pool. For horizontal surfaces, 30 to 60 seconds are enough. However, for the walls, you might need 60-90. A specialized scrubbing brush and the right technique should be used.

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