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What is the Average Cost of Pool Cleaning in Georgia?

Whether it’s chemicals needed to keep the water balanced or the cost of pool cleaning Georgia, everyone knows that owning a pool comes with many upkeep expenses. Aside from periodic cleanings and repairs or replacements, all pools require regular care to keep them running well.

Factors affecting Cost of Pool Cleaning Georgia

An estimate from a pool cleaner will consider various factors that can significantly change the expense of your project. If you have a swimming pool of any kind, the cost of cleaning it will be dependent on the type and size of it. If the pool is not properly maintained, the first cleaning may need an additional fee.

In a typical pool cleaning package, services such as pH testing, changing or removing water, scrubbing the pool, sanitizing the accessories, inspecting or backwashing the filter, and cleaning the fixtures are typically included. Let’s take a look at some of the factors in a little bit more detail

Swimming Pool Size

The more time it takes to clean your pool, the more you’ll have to pay, because many professional Georgia pool cleaning services charge by the hour. As a result, cleaning and maintaining a larger pool will be more expensive than doing so for a smaller one. 

A typical above-ground pool can be cleaned in a half hour to an hour; an above-ground pool of 10 x 20 feet can be cleaned in around an hour and a half to two hours; and a large in-ground 10 x 40 feet pool can take up to three to five hours to clean.

Chlorine vs. Saltwater

The initial cost of a saltwater pool may be higher than that of a chlorine pool, but you’ll save hundreds of dollars in maintenance expenditures over time. There is a good reason for this: In comparison to a chlorinated pool, a saltwater system uses fewer chemicals and requires less frequent testing and balancing of the water. A saltwater or chlorine pool will use about the same amount of professional labor, but the amount of chemicals you’ll need is considerably different.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

The lack of exposure to dirt, leaves, twigs, and other detritus that need skimming or could harm the pool filter helps indoor pools maintain their cleanliness better than their outside counterparts. Since an indoor pool does not need to be cleaned frequently, it costs less to maintain an indoor pool each year. It’s also easier to maintain an indoor pool’s chemical balance because the sun doesn’t have the same effect on outdoor pools. Because of this, the expense of chemical and expert cleaning for an indoor pool might be hundreds or even thousands of dollars less expensive in the long term.

Liability Insurance

All a pool does, according to your insurance company, is increase the hazard level in your house. Every month your home insurance costs rise around $20-$25 because of increased risk of someone being injured on your property in the pool.

For as long as you own your swimming pool, you’ll have to pay for insurance, which isn’t a service.

What causes the costs to increase

  • You have a large swimming pool on your property.
  • It is tough to get to the location or site.
  • Debris falls into the pool from the nearby trees, which adds to the problem.
  • Chlorine is used in your pool.
  • There are accessories for your swimming pool.

What causes the costs to decrease

  • You’ve got a small swimming pool.
  • You have a pool that is saltwater.
  • Trees aren’t enclosing your pool.
  • It’s easier to maintain your pool if you have fewer accessories.

Cost per cleaning pool companies in Georgia

Getting a pool cleaning Georgia costs, on average, $23.90 per visit (prices can range from $20.08 to $28.68).

Cost of monthly pool cleanings:

  • Once a month, between $20.08 and $28.68
  • Every two weeks – $40.16 to $57.36
  • Every three weeks – $60.24 to $86.04 
  • Four times per month – $80.32 to $114.72


Professional pool cleaning in Georgia typically costs $1,432 per year for the average homeowner. Regular cleaning, opening and closing for the season, and maintenance are common services.

Cleaning your pool is an option that will save you money, but you’ll need to keep a close eye on the timetable.

Without regular pool maintenance, your pool is at risk of becoming filthy or damaged, necessitating costly repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of hiring a professional pool cleaner?

It’s a good idea to hire a pool cleaning in GA. You save both time and effort by using the service. Additionally, a pool cleaning can identify possible problems before they become costly issues down the line, saving money.

You can get advice from a pool professional such as Pool Cleaning Georgia on maintaining your pool better so that it holds its value for longer.

What is the best way to clean your pool?

Hire a professional for frequent pool service in Georgia to keep your pool clean. Frequently, signing up for regular, ongoing services can greatly reduce the cost of each visit.

The most basic pool cleaning services include skimming the water to remove any dirt, leaves, or other foreign objects that may have entered the pool.

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