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When is the Best Time to Get a Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton?

Some people enjoy having a good time in the swimming pool even when summer is over. The most appropriate time for people to think of getting a pool maintenance service in Hoschton is before the summer starts. This time is the best to renovate your pool so you can enjoy using a new-looking pool in the summer. Moreover, it is harder to renovate in winter, and the drying steps also take considerably longer. So it would be smart enough to get maintenance services in the late spring. Let’s discuss in detail more about the swimming pool renovations below.

Why need a Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton?

If you have free time and some know-how of pool maintenance, it is best to do the pool cleaning and maintenance yourself. But if you are tight on schedule and know nothing about pool repair and maintenance, it is best to look for a professional pool repair service like Clear Tec Pools. Many other companies provide pool maintenance services in Hoschton with different service packages. Take your time to do proper research and find the most affordable and efficient one for yourself. 

An efficient and professional pool cleaning Hoschton service is important to consider to make it look clean and aesthetic. Also, it will ensure that your pool is safe for you and your loved ones. If you take good care and follow regular cleaning, you don’t require big repair and renovation processes. The most commonly chosen renovation services are discussed below:


A major pool cleaning service category is resurfacing. It is essential to avoid potential leaks. You can take the help of resurfacing if you notice any pool cracks, tiles falling off, or any major water loss signs.

Tiles Repair and Coping

Look for a professional pool maintenance service in Hoschton to replace your broken pool tiles and use sealant to eliminate spaces between tiles.

Patio Repair 

An outdated or boring patio also needs professional help to make it look more attractive and aesthetic. 

Water Features

You can ask your pool cleaning service Hoschton to add a waterfall, scupper, or grotto to add more to your pool vibe.

The Life of In-Ground Pools

You can take a swimming pool as an investment, especially if you are talking about an in-ground oasis. A swimming pool is available in different models and shapes. Each of these has its features and benefits. Talking about the life of an in-ground pool, it is considered long-lasting. You can compare it to the life of a home. Now you can see how much your in-ground pool can last. The reason behind this is that in-ground pools have solid structures. For this, they have fewer repair requirements if maintained properly.

Best Time for Pool Service

It is beneficial to get your pool renovated in the fall or spring. But its best not to think of it during the summers because of the following reasons:

Low Usage

Fall and spring are when the pool is not used very frequently. It can be a good point to consider if you want to get your pool renovation done without missing out on enjoying the pool entertainment days. Summer is not good for renovation because, during that time, the pool is used almost daily.

No Rain

Fall is not very welcoming to rainy days, which can mess up your pool renovation plans. So do not choose rainy days for your pool services. 


If you know pool equipment installation and service, plan and conduct your pool renovation to make it look new without hiring professionals. But if you want a time-saving, budget-friendly and affordable option, then considering a professional pool service company would be a perfect choice. Make the right decision before it’s too late.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How often does pool equipment run?

You must run every pool equipment for at least eight hours a day. But you must run it consecutively. You can run it for three hours in the morning and the remaining hours in the evening according to your convenience.

Can you run pool equipment at night?

Running the pump at night is suitable when there is a major chemical treatment for cleaning up algae and other contaminants in the pool water. Also, it is cheaper at night, but it is better that you run it in the daylight. 

What happens if pool filter pressure gets too high?

The pressure allows the water to run through the filtration system, and high pressure means that the water has to push harder to move over an obstacle or blockage. High pressure also indicates less space for the water to flow. You can diagnose the problem in the filtration system with the help of a professional pool maintenance service in Hoschton.

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