Hosting A Pool Party? Book Pool Maintenance Service In Hoschton

Hosting A Pool Party? You Might Need Pool Maintenance Service In Hoschton

If you own a pool, your next pool party is probably already on the calendar. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good pool party? You might have guests lined up waiting for an invitation to your next pool party who would love to swim in your pool but so is an appointment for pool cleaning in Hoschton

The issue is that parties can damage your swimming pool in the aftermath. If you’re planning on hosting a pool party this summer, you might consider hiring a pool maintenance service in Hoschton handle the cleanup.

You may need additional cleaning if several people entered and left the pool with sunscreen, ate food in or near the pool, or let off fireworks nearby.

Call Pool Cleaning Georgia for a weekly pool maintenance service in Hoschton or a one-time cleaning and checkup of your pool, hot tub, or Jacuzzi when in doubt or when you don’t feel like cleaning it yourself.

Test the Water

A quick test will tell you if you’re wondering whether or not to add chemicals to your pool after a party. Inquire at your local pool supply store about where you may buy pool equipment installation

Plan on shocking or super-chlorinating your pool before and after to offer the best possible experience for your guests. 

Don’t forget to wait for the chlorine to dissipate completely before letting anyone swim. This will reduce the number of algae in your pool, which could detract from its overall aesthetic appeal.

Give it a Brush

You can get rid of any algae, dirt, or debris that has settled on the walls and floors of your pool by brushing them off or scheduling pool maintenance service in Hoschton

This should be done every day during the peak swimming season to prevent algae from growing around the walls. No one likes the idea of swimming in a pool that slimy green algae have overrun.

Pump It Up

In order to keep the pool water safe and clean once the party is over, you need to turn on the pump and start circulating the water. This aids in the filtration of debris from the water and the circulation of clean water throughout the pool. 

Take a pool net with you as you pump to collect any floating objects you may find in the water. The pump works great at removing smaller debris, such as dirt and leaves, but it may not be able to handle larger items.

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Shock Your Pool

Before you and your family jump in, it’s a good idea to shock the water in your pool to kill bacteria and eliminate impurities. Shock the water after removing larger materials like grass, dirt, and leaves before inviting guests to swim.

To ensure the cleanest, clearest water for your party, it makes perfect sense to shock the water before it is used, but give the chlorine plenty of time to dissipate before your visitors go for a swim.

Tip: Shock at night so the chlorine isn’t dissolved by the sun during the day.

Save Yourself Some Work

A garden hose placed next to the pool can drastically reduce the amount of time spent cleaning it afterward. Simply rinsing off feet with a hose before entering the pool can greatly reduce the amount of dirt, trash, and plant matter tracked into the water. 

Most people can practice this very basic step with little difficulty. Make use of the space near the pool by installing a small foot cleaning station. Trust us; you’ll be relieved you did.

Clear the Pool Area

Plan on cleaning the pool area and deck before and after the party. Get rid of excess grass and move potted plants or trees to make your pool area feel more spacious. When you have visitors around, it’s a good idea to clear the yard of toys, decorations, and anything else that could pose a hazard.

When you have visitors around, it’s a good idea to clear the yard of toys, decorations, and anything else that could pose a hazard. Decks and patios should be hosed off and scrubbed carefully to remove algae. 

Attend Water Loss

Water loss is another factor to think about. Your pool loses a lot of water when there are plenty of people in it, and people are jumping and diving. Generally speaking, you want the water to be higher than your swimmer.

Assuming water was lost, the pool would benefit from an additional supply.

Final Thoughts

Do you open up your pool for parties when the weather becomes warmer every year? Knowing how to clean your pool after a party will save you time. The bacteria and trash left behind by a large group of partygoers in the water can have a negative impact on the pool’s overall pH and chemical balance.

If you own a pool and need a pool cleaning in Hoschton or a pool maintenance service in Hoschton, give the experts at Pool Cleaning Georgia a call. Make an appointment now by calling.

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