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Common Pool Mistakes That Require pool maintenance service in Hoschton

When you own a swimming pool, there are numerous opportunities for mistakes, both major and minor, in terms of maintenance. Hence hiring a pool maintenance service in Hoschton is a good decision.

Errors, on the other hand, are merely teaching opportunities. Avoiding the most common pool care pitfalls can help you have a cleaner, safer, and less stressful swimming season.

Having a swimming pool at home has some drawbacks. Your diligence in performing routine maintenance is critical to the safety of pool users and the longevity of your new investment. It’s terrible that new and experienced pool owners can make careless mistakes without realizing it.

To keep your pool safe, learn the fundamentals of pool care by Cleartec Pools. We have listed down the most common maintenance mistakes new pool owners make.

Common Pool Mistakes That Require pool maintenance service in Hoschton

Lack of post-use pool cleaning

No number of visitors is likely to upset the pool’s unique chemical balance. However, if you want a cool summer pool party, you should check it out ahead of time.

Pool Cleaning Hoschton after gatherings is not a luxury. A lack of thorough cleaning after a party frequently results in a harmful algae bloom. It’s a good idea to check the chemical balance of your pool after the party or, at the very least, the next morning.

Brush the pool if you have the time or add a strong algaecide to reduce the risk of algae growth, even if the chemistry appears to be acceptable.

Using an Automatic Pool Cleaner to Remove Algae

Getting algae out of a swimming pool is difficult enough. The added chore of cleaning may persuade you to trade in your pool for something more low-maintenance, such as a rare orchid farm or a meerkat sanctuary.

Even if you want to, you should not use your automated vacuum. Algae and other particles are forced through a mesh bag by automatic pool cleaners with a pressure side. The algae will enjoy their tour of your pool, but it will not eliminate them.

No amount of technological progress will help. Even the best robotic pool cleaners, as good as they are when there are no algae, have a thin mesh bag that will quickly become clogged by algae. The stuck sludge is only blown around the pool, and you’re back where you started.

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Failure to Pick Up Pet Waste

Many people using your pool simultaneously will undoubtedly put a strain on it. Nonetheless, it is critical to recognize that even a single pet can have a significant impact. While having pets in pools may appear to be a good idea at first, the oils and hair they shed can cause problems with the pool’s plumbing and pH balance.

Water clarifiers can help to reduce the pH shift. Your pool’s filter will need to be cleaned after a night of collecting stray hair.

Water testing is done infrequently.

There is a proper time and a wrong time for adjusting chemicals. Most shocks lose effectiveness in the middle of the day when temperatures are at their highest. This is because the sun will convert some of the chlorine to gas.

Temperature, however, is important regardless of whether or not chlorine shocks are used. As a result of the additional heat, the saturation point of your pool water will rise. To compensate, you’ll need to use more chlorine.

In general, you get what you pay for. Instead of one powerful, expensive shock, you’ll need a series of milder ones. Invest wisely in pool equipment installation

Swimming in street clothes

Swimming in regular clothes may introduce chemicals, fibers, and other impurities into the pool. Furthermore, the pollutants in your water may cause damage to your clothing. 


The better you take care of your pool, the better it will take care of you. You can ensure proper maintenance by hiring a pool maintenance service in Hoschton. Contact our professionals for consultancy and assistance.

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