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What to Expect From Pool Inspection Companies?

The pool inspection companies help the pool owners to understand all about its condition and maintenance process. Without frequent inspections, you cannot detect the issues beforehand that can cost you hundreds of dollars on the repairs.

Our company in Hoschton offers a thorough inspection to detect issues in advance, so the pool remains in ideal condition. The things that you can expect from us during the appointment include,

Ensuring Pool Safety

The first and foremost thing to do at the appointment is to check the safety of the pool. During the safety inspection, we ensure that no electrical wires are lying around the pool. We ensure that you enjoy your time while swimming rather than worrying about things. The walkways around the pool are examined, so it does not pose a hazard for slipping or tripping.

If you have installed fences around the pool, our pool maintenance company in Hoschton also checks to see if they are properly working or not.

Interior Inspection

The interior inspection of the pool requires thorough checking for any cracks. Some floors have vinyl liners, while others have plasters. Slight cracks are quite normal, but we make sure that it does not get worse. We also check if these issues are causing the water to seep out.

If the cracks and gaps are getting worse, it can cause you a fortune to replace them. With our inspections, we make sure that this does not happen.

Checking the Pool Lighting

Now, many pool owners prefer the light installed inside the pool. We make sure that these lights are properly working. We are also responsible for checking if they need replacement. The examination of mold formation inside the pool lighting fixtures is next on the list. It usually occurs due to condensation.

Examine the Deck around Pool

No doubt, swimming in the pool is fun. But the deck is the area that gets used the most. People can lounge around the pool, or kids can play there, so we make sure that it stays in good condition.

Typically, the deck is around 12-18 inches wide and made using the material like concrete, stone, or brick. If there are any damages in this area, it can increase the hazard of falling. It can also cause debris to form in the pool.

Examining the Pool Equipment

One of our most essential duties is to do pool equipment inspection. At first, we will examine the pool pumps. They are responsible for circulating the water around filters and heaters to keep the pool water clean. We will check if it is properly working or not. Without the pump functionality, you will not be able to use the pool for long.

As we all know, pool filters are essential to clean and sanitize the pool water. We make sure the filter is in the right place. And its valves are properly working. Clear Tec Pools does not stop here. We also check if the heater is properly functioning or not. Along with verifying the working, we also assess if the water heater is a proper size for your pool or not.

Checking the Pool Accessories

Many people décorate their pools with accessories like fountains, diving boards, or pool covers.  Our pool inspectors examine these accessories to see they won’t create problems later. If the rust accumulates on these, it can create sharp edges around it that can cause injuries. We also recommend avoiding installing these for the potential risks and liability.

Do you want to know more details about the inspection process? Contact now and avail the services of our experts in Hoschton to keep your pool in top condition.

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