Automatic Pool Cleaners vs. Pool Cleaning Service in Georgia

Automatic Pool Cleaners Vs. Pool Cleaning And Pool Maintenance Service In Hoschton: Which Is Better?

Technological advancements have allowed the creation of pool cleaning technologies that simplify maintenance for pool owners. The self-cleaning pool system has replaced the traditional pool cleaner that only rolls around and vacuums dirt. To what extent is it beneficial to invest in a pool that cleans itself, or should one go about the traditional pool maintenance service in Hoschton? 

While using automatic pool cleaners is an option, a professional pool maintenance service in Hoschton has several advantages. 

In terms of cleaning efficiency, which of these two options is preferable for a swimming pool? This summer, get the most out of your pool by familiarizing yourself with the various pool cleaning technologies available.

We’ll discuss both possibilities and compare them to help you make a decision that’s a little bit easier to handle.

Types Of Automatic Pool Cleaners

Let’s begin with a look at the various automatic pool cleaners available. Discover the ins and outs of the three most common automatic pool cleaners.

  1. Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners can be set to run whenever you want and are equipped with their pumps. It’s convenient because you can set up cleaning cycles.

In addition to self-docking and requiring no wires to connect to your home’s power system, they also allow for remote operation. However, this might significantly raise your monthly electricity costs. Moreover, besides the pool equipment installation, the filter must be removed and cleaned by hand.

  1. Suction-Side Cleaners

These cleaners are the most reasonably priced option because they utilize pre-existing pool hardware like the pump.

Installing and operating one of these systems is a breeze, and they work well in pools of all sizes. They will clean the walls and waterline and remove any little debris that may have accumulated.

But they can damage the pump if not maintained regularly.

It’s also worth noting that these vacuums aren’t fantastic at removing debris like dead leaves and pine needles.

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  1. Pressure-Side Cleaners

These pool cleaners typically come with their pump or are coupled to the existing pumping infrastructure. Debris is pushed into a collection bag using pressure.

They can quickly and effectively pick up even the largest pieces of trash. These cleaners are simple to maintain and work well with pools of a moderate to big size. 

One disadvantage of pressure-side cleaners is that they frequently call for a supplementary pump.

Why Choose Automatic Pool Cleaning


Automatic pool cleaners can effectively remove most leaves and debris from a pool in just a few hours. These suction cleaners take only a few minutes to set up and may be used in pools of practically any shape or size, including those that have been remodeled. 

Booster-pumping pressure washers can run independently, with only the debris bag needing to be emptied occasionally. In addition to enhancing water circulation, robotic pool filters filter water while vacuuming the pool.


There are drawbacks to using these pool cleaners. The bag requires regular servicing and cleaning. An automatic pool cleaning will require more frequent service than an in-floor cleaner. Replacement or substantial repair will need every 5–10 years.

Traditional Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton

Automatic pool cleaners cannot replace the three most important aspects of pool maintenance—proper circulation, regular cleaning, and balanced chemical levels.

Despite the potential time savings offered by automatic pool cleaners, homeowners must still perform routine maintenance and keep a close eye on the devices to catch any potential problems.

Time is money, and even the most advanced pool robot can’t replace the skills of a professional pool maintenance service in Hoschton. Furthermore, pool maintenance services provide a far broader selection of amenities.

Finally, professionals can detect problems early on before they escalate. In addition, they can guide homeowners on how to keep up with routine maintenance.


If you plan on having a pool, you’ll need to factor in the cost of hiring a maintenance service. Hiring a pool maintenance service may not be possible if money is very tight.

Unfortunately, not all pool cleaning services are created equal. The pool service you use must have proper licensing, insurance, and certification at the very least. Finding a reliable pool service provider could take some time.


There’s no universally accepted method for keeping a pool clean. A suction-side automatic cleaner is ideal for a large pool; a robotic cleaner could be overkill for a smaller one. Automatic cleaners can be expensive and can’t replace regular professional pool cleaning services.

Once you’ve decided it’s worth putting in a pool, it’s hard to beat the convenience of any available pool cleaner systems. You should have an in-floor pool cleaning system if you’ve opted to obtain one while installing your pool. If not, you’ll have to resort to an on-floor cleaning system, and it’s already too late to order that equipment and the pool equipment installation.

When it comes to pool maintenance in Hoschton, Georgia, nobody does it better than Pool Cleaning Georgia. Contact us at (678) 336-6738 if you have any questions or would like to set up a time for pool care or weekly maintenance.

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