Pool Opening Services in Hoschton

Top Notch Pool Opening and Closing Services in Hoschton

In changing weather, swimming pools require opening and closing with proper techniques. At the end of a breezy summer, it is time to give some rest to your pool and shut off its system as it would not be in use till the next summer season. The cleaning companies shut off the pumps and filters, thoroughly clean the pool, drain the water, and at the end cover the pool tightly with a pool cover to keep it protected in the winter season. Our expert team at Clear Tec Pools is highly trained to open and close a swimming pool in the correct way so that your pool remains safe and protected from any weather changes or storms. You can check our quality service and performance yourself by hiring our expert team this season.

Swimming Pool Opening Services

Everyone wants to beat the heat in the best way possible and having a home pool makes things easier. However, you can not just fill your pool with water right after opening it and start swimming. It will lead to many problems for the pool and to the health of the swimmer as well. Thus, Clear Tec Pools provide their customers with the best pool opening services in Hoschton. Following is a list of some mandatory steps that are taken whenever a pool gets re-opened:


1-     Skim off the Dust and Debris

All cleaning companies emphasize the importance of skimming off the pool surface from any dirt and debris. If it is not done, the pool gives a greenish color that means algae is growing and polluting your pool water. Hence, skimming must be done regularly after the pool gets re-opened for summers.

2-     Brush Off any Sediments

After removing the pool cover, expert cleaners thoroughly brush the walls of your pool, to ensure there are no sediments that will irritate your skin and act as a host to dirt particles. Your pool will give a crystal clear blue look when it is thoroughly cleaned, and no dirt particles linger on the bottom of the walls.

3-     Regulates the Pump and Filtration System

If an electronic is not used for a long time, it often gets jammed or packed with rust. Thus, whenever a home pool gets re-opened after a long term of being shut off, the expert cleaners check the working of the pumps and filters to ensure their proper working. Thus, restoring and cleaning any particles from the pumps is important for the mechanism of the pool to work right.

Swimming Pool Closing Services


After an entertaining summer, it is high time to say goodbye to the waters and cozy up in warm and woolen clothes. Hot cocoa and furs are the hype of the winter season, which means the home pool has to shut down for the time being. However, you can not just close a pool without any protocols. Our expert team will properly close down your home pool by following strict protocols so that when you open the pool again it is as good as new.

At Clear Tec Pools, our highly trained technicians will thoroughly clean your pool before shutting its systems off. The pump, duct, filters, and pipes will be deeply cleaned and dried off before the system is shut down from the main sources. The pumps and water extraction machines are then properly covered with a rainproof bag. In the end, the entire pool gets covered in a pool cover so that your home pool may remain safe from the upcoming snowstorms.

Hence, to open or close a pool, you need pool experts that can do the job with utmost care and precision. You can contact Clear Tec Pools at any time to make your pool appointment and treat your home pool to one of the best pool cleaners in town.

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