Pool Opening Tips

Pool Opening Tips Provided By Pool Maintenance Service Hoschton 

Having a pool in your backyard is like heaven on earth. You can enjoy it whenever you want, regardless of the time or day. Building a pool is a bit expensive but is a single-time investment, so you should take good care of your pool. Anyone can do regular cleaning, but for pool opening or closing, it is important to hire a professional who offers expert level Pool maintenance service in Hoschton. Consulting a specialist is important because your pool will be left unattended for an extensive period.

The water might start stinking, and the bacteria or other microorganisms may grow, increasing the risk of widespread diseases. The other reason for hiring the experts is that if algae and other dirt particles grow in the water, it might clog the filters, leading to pump and other machinery failures. 

Pool Cleaning Tips Provided By Pool Maintenance Service Hoschton 

When the summer arrives, and you have to open the pool again, it is important to clean your pool thoroughly because if you start swimming in dirty water, you can fall sick because of certain diseases like irritated eyes, skin allergic reactions, or irritation. Following are some of the procedures that the expert team of Pool Cleaning Georgia suggests you conduct on the opening of your pool:

Removing Pool Cover 

Before removing the cover, wipe away all the leaves, dirt, and other large debris from the pool cover. After that, can any standing water if present with the help of a pool cover pump? Let the cover dry for some time, then remove, fold and store for the next season. It is quite a time-consuming process, and most people need more time for that, so hire us, and our expert team will thoroughly clean your pool. 

Top Off the Water Level 

You might have lost a few inches of water upon reopening the pool. It can be due to the evaporation process or the company you hired for Pool maintenance service in Hoschton upon closing. The pool might have withdrawn a few inches of water before covering it. When you remove the cover, add water till it reaches the standard level to avoid double balancing the chemistry of the water.

Use a host filter so that no dissolved metal enters the pool. You must be conscious of the water level and its chemistry. If you need more knowledge, it is better to leave the matter to experts. 


Though the cover has kept a lot of things outside the pool, there are possibilities that some things have fallen into the pool. A skimming net is the best way to remove solid objects from the pool. 

Water Balance 

The safety and beauty of your pool depend upon balancing chemicals in the water. It is the most important step in the entire process of pool cleaning in Hoschton. You do not have to worry about anything if done correctly at the start of the season. Hire us because we have a knowledgeable and experienced team. They will perform the required tests and will act accordingly.

Remove Winterizing Plugs 

While closing, the pool pipes are blown out, and winterizing plugs are installed to prevent water freezing in the lines. Contact a professional because the entire process of removal and installation of winterizing plugs is complicated. You might get harmed or can get the pipes damaged. 

Final Words! 

When opening, we offer several pool cleaning services in Hoschton, including ladder installation, starting the pumps and heater, brushing and cleaning the inside and filters, adding necessary pool chemicals, and many more. Contact us for deep cleaning and balancing of water at the start of the season, and you will not have to contact anyone else throughout the season.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you empty a pool to clean it?

It is not an accessory that your pool should be empty for cleaning. Whether you have a concrete, fiberglass pool, or oven I’ll pool, you don’t have to empty it every time you want to clean it, and instead, it is better if it is full of water. If there is no water, there is more chance of damage; therefore, you should only drain the water when there is no other option.

What happens if the pool has no chlorine?

If a pool does not have chlorine, there might be increased growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms in the water. These microorganisms are dangerous and cause diseases like skin infections, lung infections, irritation, diarrhea, etc. Therefore, you must hire a reliable pool maintenance service in Houston that knows the importance of chlorine in blue water. 

Can you vacuum your pool?

Vacuuming your swimming pool is a good idea because it can help you get rid of all the dirt and debris lying on the floor. It is less time-consuming and allows the water of your pool to stay balanced. Vacuum is much more convenient than other conventional methods of cleaning.

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