Pool Closing Service

The Step By Step Procedure For Pool Closing Service

Getting the pool closing service at the end of the summer season is definitely sad but important as well for a number of reasons.

In this article, we have mentioned the step-by-step procedure of the pool closing services so you know what to expect next and to avoid the common mistakes people often make while getting their pool closed. If you’d like to learn what those common mistakes are, you must read our blog on it.

Before we move on to the procedure of pool closing service, you must first understand why it is so important. By getting your pool closed by the professionals, you are not only protecting your pool but also the equipment. Your pool is definitely one of your time consuming investments, and you would want it to remain clean and protected but just like the pool itself, the pool equipment are expensive too and you have spent many dollars purchasing them. Therefore, by getting your pool closed by the professionals you are not only keeping your pool safe but also the pool equipment.

Not only this, but by getting professional pool cleaning services, you will have a better, smoother and easier opening in the spring season. As all the dirt, debris and dust will be removed from the water and the pool at the time of closing so you will not have to spend much time cleaning it when the time of opening comes. Moreover, one part of getting professional pool closing services is that they cover the pool with a durable covering which can handle a lot of weight. This way, it helps to protect your family, loved ones and pets from falling into the pool when the water is drained out.

These are the reasons why you shall consider getting professional swimming pool closing service. Now that you understand its importance, let’s move on to the procedure of it.

The Procedure Of Pool Closing Service

You must always get your pool closed by a professional and trusted pool maintenance company that will ensure that your pool is protected and safe throughout the harsh winter season.

Water Balancing

The pool cleaning company will ensure that your water is chemically balanced in the week you get your pool closed.

Shock And Algaecide

After the water balancing, your pool is shocked according to the directions given by the manufacturer on the package.

Pool Cleaning

After this, your serviceman will thoroughly clean your pool using a vacuum and brush. The serviceman will use vacuum to clean the dirt, debris and algae from the pool. Then will use the brush to clean the walls of the pool. The pool shall be thoroughly cleaned before the serviceman proceeds to cover the pool.

Storing Equipment

All the pool equipment such as wall fighting, skimmer baskets, ladders and solar blankets are removed from the pool. It is also important to ensure that the pool cleaner hoses are not coiled tightly to prevent from breakage.

Lowering Water Level

After this the serviceman will lower the level of the water according to the needs of the cover. Usually for mesh covers, the water levels is lowered between 12”-18” and for floating, solid covers, it is lowered between 3”-6”. While some form of covers do not require any king of water lowering.

Pump, Filter Heater & chlorination equipment draining

After this, the serviceman will use draining plugs to remove water from heater, pump, filter and chloroniter. This part is very important and it must be made sure that no water is remaining in the equipment so that it does not freeze and damage the equipment.


The fall season is a good time to lubricate the plugs of the pools. This also prevents the plugs from rusting.

Winterizing the plumbing

After this the serviceman will perform the winterizing plumbing in which if your pool is inground, the lines are blown-out from the skimmer and then back to the pool, if the lines are not blown then swimming pool anti-freeze is added into the lines according to the instructions of the manufacturer. However, if the pool is above ground, you do not have to do that.

Covering The Pool

After all the steps, the serviceman will place a mesh or a solid covering on the pool.

This is the procedure of pool closing service, which is very important for the protection and safety of your pool and your loved ones as well. If you’d like to book an appointment with us, you may contact us or visit our website for more information.

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