Pool pH Level By Pool Maintenance Service

Raise Your Pool pH Level By Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton

Summer is in full swing, and what better way to enjoy it than by taking a dip in your backyard pool? If you’ve trouble with your pH levels, don’t worry – we can help! Our team of experts at Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton is here to provide you with the best possible pool maintenance services. We’ll get your pH levels back to where they should be and have you swimming in no time! 

How to Raise Your Swimming Pool pH Level By Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton?

To keep your swimming pool in good condition for the entire season, it is important to maintain the pH level. A pH level that is too high or too low can cause problems with the water chemistry and affect the swimmer’s experience. In this blog post, we will discuss raising your pH level by following some simple steps from our Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton. 

Add in Soda Ash

The pH levels were still low when you tested the pool water using a new kit you bought. What ought to be done next? Your pool’s pH can be raised by adding sodium carbonate. Starting at the pool’s deep end, add the soda ash and work your way up. Keep the filtration system running to ensure that the soda ash is dispersed evenly throughout the pool after adding it. The pool water will likely get cloudy once you’ve added the soda. Conversely, your water could be crystal clear within a day or two.

Adding soda ash to your swimming pool is a great way to keep it clean and clear. It helps neutralize the water’s pH levels and can help prevent algae growth. If you are looking for a quality pool cleaning service in Hoschton, GA, then call us today! From pH balancing to algae removal, we have you covered!

Monitor the Alkalinity Level

If you’ve added soda ash, are your pH levels still too low? Check your water’s alkalinity by doing a test! The pH of your swimming pool water will change if the alkalinity is too low. Your water’s alkalinity should be between 80 ppm and 150 ppm!

Allow the baking soda to circulate through your pool for about an hour with the pump turned on before retesting for alkalinity. Baking soda raises the pH of your swimming pool water and improves its alkalinity.

But be careful not to use too much baking soda in your pool water. Keep in mind that adding baking soda after soda ash can raise the alkalinity of your pool. Lowering your alkalinity is significantly more difficult than increasing it.

Maintaining your swimming pool’s alkalinity is important to keep it clean and healthy. Alkalinity levels that are too high or too low can cause problems with the pH level of your pool water, so it is important to keep an eye on them and ensure they are in the correct range. 

Get Assistance From Experts For Pool Cleaning Hoschton

There are a lot of things that go into owning a pool. Of course, you have to worry about the upkeep and cleaning, but you also need to ensure that the pH levels are right so that the water is safe for swimming. However, keeping your pool in top condition can be a lot of work, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s where our team of experts comes in! We at Clear Tec Pools offer professional pool cleaning services in Hoschton that will take care of everything for you. As the best pool maintenance service in Hoschton, we can rest assured that your pool will be in good hands and pH levels will be raised. We will increase the pH level of your pool, clear it of debris, and keep it looking great all year long! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the pH of the pool is too low?

Water with a low pH will etch and deteriorate grout, plaster, concrete, stone, and tiling. Any vinyl surface will become brittle, increasing the danger of fractures and rips. All of these dissolved minerals will remain in the solution of your pool water, causing discoloration and cloudiness.

How long does it take to adjust the pool’s pH?

After applying the pH increaser or decreaser, you should wait two to four hours before retesting, while some chemical producers recommend a complete turnover cycle. The smaller the pH adjustment increments required, the shorter time it will take for the results to stabilize. 

Does baking soda raise the pH of a pool?

Adding baking soda to your swimming pool can boost the pH and alkaline levels, increasing the pool’s clarity and stability. Many commercial pool cleaners employ baking soda as their major active component, but you may make more alternative treatments by going to the source of the solution.

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