6 Useful Maintenance Tips For Pool Cleaning in Georgia

Having a swimming pool at home is a great source of entertainment for you and your family. It brings a refreshing atmosphere, especially during the summers. It is your best friend whether you want to throw a rager or need a stress buster. While it is all fun and games, cleaning and maintenance can be exhausting. Our professionals save you the hassle of this exhaustive effort by providing detailed services for Pool Cleaning Georgia. Thousands of dollars go into constructing it, so it’s important to clean it properly and regularly. Negligence in doing so can cause you a lot of financial damage. 

Effective maintenance tips for Pool Cleaning in Georgia

We have curated a list of some effective cleaning and maintenance tips to help you enjoy a hassle-free swimming season and a refreshing vacation. So let’s dig right in. 

Vacuum and Clean 

An obvious but reliable way to ensure a long-lasting and well-functioning pool is to clean it regularly. It not only goes a long way but is safe from a sanitary point of view. Keeping the surface clean can prevent any bodily infections. Vacuuming works the same way as cleaning a carpet inside your house. It can easily take out debris and algae that usually form at the surface. The Pool Cleaning in Georgia can give you complete cleaning facilities. This process is carried out by vacuuming and brushing the walls, floors, and steps to ensure comprehensive cleaning.

Check and Maintain Water Levels

The water level is an often ignored but important factor in pool maintenance. The pump may run dry or burn up if it is too high. If it gets too low, the skimmer door can become faulty. Water levels constantly change because of weather conditions or excessive pool usage. Neglecting the rise or drop in it can distort the water’s chemical balance. So it is important to check and maintain them now and then. 

Clean The Filter

Cleaning your pool’s filter fills one-third of the equation (which includes filtration, circulation, and water chemistry) for the perfect cleaning. The regularity of cleaning l depends on how often you use it. Several signs can tell you it’s time to clean the filter. Some major indicators include unusual pool odor, blocked drain, and ineffective hose cleaner. If there is a cartridge filter, you will need to clean it monthly or every four to six months. If there is a DE filter, deconstruct it completely and clean it every three to six months. Lastly, if it has a sand filter, the start of every pool season is the best time to renew it. 

Skimming and Scrubbing with Georgia Pool Cleaning Services

Skimming and scrubbing are two of the essential elements of cleaning your swimming pool. Skimming means taking out any dirt or leaves accumulated in it. You must do it every day to have a picture-perfect pool. Scrubbing refers to cleaning the sides using a scrubber, which needs to be done every other week. Most of the time, people do the skimming themselves, but scrubbing requires professional services, which are provided by Pool Cleaning in Georgia.

Utilizing a Tennis Ball for Cleaning

As peculiar as it sounds, a tennis ball has other uses than being tossed around on the court. Hair and body products, sunscreen and sunblock, and your body’s natural moisture can leave oils in the pool. The tennis ball can easily absorb all these oils. Drop the ball into the swimming pool and let it stay there for a while. You will notice a much cleaner and shinier surface in no time. 

Keep track of Chlorine. 

Professionals suggest that the magic number for the perfect chlorine level is three parts per million (ppm). It is okay to throw in some extra tablets after a pool party or before leaving your house for a few days. Chlorine cannot kill the germs immediately, but it is still the most effective and commonly accepted chemical for cleaning. Make sure to keep track of its levels and maintain a balance for a clean and seamless experience or contact the pool companies in Georgia who will easily assist you on this matter. 

Contact us for honest maintenance tips and reliable consultation for all your pool-related issues. Hire our professionals to get the finest services for pool cleaning in Georgia. 

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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about pool cleaning and its maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to maintain chemical balance in the pool?

Maintaining the chemical balance such as pH, Alkalinity, and Calcium hardness levels is important because it safeguards the pool surface and equipment from harmful bacteria. It also creates a comfortable and clean atmosphere for the bathers.

How often should I check the water level in my pool?

The answer to this question depends on the type of swimming pool, i.e., residential or commercial. The water level should be checked as regularly as twice a week for a homeowner who has invested in it. The water level maintenance in commercial pools depends on the bathing code regulations. 

How long should it take to clean a pool?

You should vacuum and brush the swimming pool until it is free of all dirt and debris. For a small and nicely maintained pool, this should take around 30 minutes. However, it will take 45 minutes to an hour to thoroughly clean if it is large and mismanaged

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