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Top 3 DIY Tips By Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton

Do you want to enjoy your lazy summer day? No problem, go into the pool and let your body relax. But how is it possible if your pool is dirty and left out for some time? Well, we have got some great DIY tips from pool maintenance service Hoschton to help you keep your pool clean and attractive. These are the easiest tips to take help of and save your pool from dying out. So without any further due, let’s start.

What Are the Top 3 DIY Tips By Pool Maintenance Service in Hoschton?

There are many important things that you should consider for maintaining your pool. To cut it short, we have highlighted the top 3 tips to help you clean and maintain your pool. Please read below to know more about them.

Skim and Scrub 

For proper pool maintenance, you must do a lot of scrubbing and skimming. It should be the number one priority according to the DIY tips by pool maintenance service Hoschton. Skimming is a simple process involving removing leaves and other particles from the surface of your pool. You have to do this daily to ensure that your pool looks clean.

Next comes the scrubbing, which you don’t have to do every day but at least once a week. Remember to scrub the sides of your pool to ensure the walls are clean. You can use a good-quality scrubbing brush to eliminate all the algae growth and dirt. Or hire a professional pool cleaning service in Hoschton, like Clear Tec Pools, to maintain your pool.

Rake and Vacuum 

You can use a pool rake to get rid of all the twigs and branches in your pool. It is equipment that comes with a handle and a net. Unwanted particles are collected in the net, and the water drains out. The most important thing to remember when buying a pool scoop is to ensure that it is lightweight and sturdy.

Moreover, an extra wide net design would be great for collecting more debris at a time. Go for a telescopic pole to ensure you can access all areas of your pool. You can also take the help of a pool vacuum to remove dirt and leaves that are present on the floor of your pool. If you are not tight on your budget, go for a robot vacuum for better help.

Clean the Filters and Baskets 

Proper water circulation is important for maintaining a clean pool. If your pool filters are blocked, this may negatively impact the pool circulation results. It makes your pool look cloudy or green even if there is no issue with the chemical levels. When water crosses the filter pores, small particles adhere to the filter. The build-up of these particles leads to filter blockage. It will compromise the efficiency of your pump.

So always choose a filter that has self-cleaning properties. Most pollutants like sunscreen and debris are found on the pool’s surface from where skimmers draw in water. The unwanted particles are collected in them before they start producing a foul smell. Make sure you empty the skimmer basket every week to maintain its efficiency. Or you can also ask a professional pool cleaning Hoschton company to do the job for you.


These are the top 3 tips you should never forget if you want to maintain your pool and keep it attractive. A clean pool will be more aesthetic and appealing to your eyes than a dirty one. Follow these tips, or you may hire a professional pool cleaning service to maintain your pool for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What happens if a pool has too much chlorine?

If the pool has too much chlorine, it can alter the pH level of the pool water, making it more acidic. If the pool water is more acidic, it is not safe to swim in because it can cause dermatitis, screen rash and itchy skin. Therefore, the pH level of the water should be maintained at the optimum level. Other problems caused by exiting pool water are irritation and red eyes.

Do all pools need to be shocked?

All pools don’t need to be shocked, and it depends upon the needs of every pool. Shocking is the procedure to get rid of clouding due to bacteria, chloramines, algae, and other contaminants that grow in the pool water and make it louder. Therefore, if your pool is well-maintained, there is little chance that it will get cloudy soon. It will help if you refer to a professional Pool maintenance service in Hoschton for a safer swimming experience. 

Why do we shock the pool at night?

It is better to shock the pool at night because, in the daytime, the sunlight interferes with the chlorine action on the water. It does this by dissolving chlorine in the water because it is not that effective. Therefore, the chlorine gets enough time to eliminate the pool contaminants at night.

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