Pool Closing Steps

4 Best Pool Closing Steps Follow

Are you a huge fan of having fun with your friends in the pool and cannot compromise on the quality of this time? You can only have a fun time in a neat and clean place that is properly maintained. But what if you close your favourite pool for some time in case you leave for vacation or any other work? No different than the best pool closing services providers can come to your rescue. Here is a guide to help you decide how Pool Cleaning Georgia can do this work perfectly.

4 Steps in Every Pool Closing Services 

A pool cleaning procedure covers four essential steps. It is important to cover all these steps in proper order so that you get the best results. 

1. Maintain Water Conditions

Before closing your pool, it is crucial to maintain suitable physical and chemical properties. Make sure that the pH of this water ranges from 7.2-7.8, with an alkalinity value maintained between 80 to 120 ppm. Another important factor in maintaining the calcium hardness of the water is between 80 to 220 ppm range. 

Also, ensure that you follow the user’s guide to shock your pool. Winter algaecide plays a huge part in maintaining the quality of your pool water, but it is only effective in the desired chlorine level. To add winter algaecide, a minimum of 1 ppm and a maximum of 3 ppm chlorine level must be maintained. One thing to consider when providing the pool closing and opening services is to never add the shock and algaecide in the pool at a single time, instead, start with the shock first.

2. Cleaning Pool

Who would like to enter a muddy or dirty pool? Of course, no one? The frequent tension among pool owners is trying to achieve clean and clear water in it. You can often add simple chemicals to clear light dirt out of your pool water.

 In some areas, there are higher chances of algae growth on the pool sides and walls due to increased moisture and other favourable factors. Here you can use the vacuum method to clear out all the algae and extra elements making your pool water dirty. 

This procedure uses a sturdy filter that entraps all the debris and clears it out via the backwash line. So that you don’t have to go through filter clogging and blockage issues. Numerous people need clarification about the perfect location of the filter valve. This filter valve should be placed at the drain side to the waste position to perfectly gather debris from all over the content. 

3. Water Drainage and Equipment Storage

We all know that draining out all the water is essential before the swimming pool closes for some time. But do you know the best thing to help you with this task? The drain pumps are extremely beneficial when pumping out all the water from a pool. There is also water in your pool’s heater, filter, and chlorinator, so make you take it out from there too.

Draining water from your pool prevents common problems during seasonal pool closing, including freezing and cracking. Once you are draining, remove the filter grids and cartridge filters. Properly clean these filters using brushes and warm water so that they don’t result in clogging or other related problems. One thing too. Assure is to completely dry all these pool parts before packing them properly. For this confirmation, you can use the compressor to blow out any leftover water in these parts. 

4. Lubrication and Covering

At the end of fall, you have the perfect time to lubricate the pump lids and rings. Also, please search for the push-pull valve on your filter and properly lubricate its o-rings. There are always multiple complaints regarding the rusting and corrosion of the plugs of the gas heater of your pool. The best solution to this problem is to let them stay in the pool after you have drained it nicely. 

The final step is to cover your pool with a perfectly fitting pool cover. When discussing the best and most commonly used pool covers, you will always find the mesh ones at the top of the list. If you use solid covers to wrap your pool, make sure to have a cover pump or siphon to clear out the accumulated rainwater. You may use a cable winch device for better fitting and securing the pool cover for your above-ground pool. 

Final Thoughts

Maintenance is essential if you care about the equality of your pool. Whether it is your pool construction, designing, cleaning, filling, or closing, every step demands perfection. It is crucial to go with a skilled and professional service provider to grab this perfect for your pool closing services. Pool Cleaning Georgia holds a big name for providing premium quality pool-related services at an affordable price with the best results. Also, we always stay careful about the client’s satisfaction, professionalism, high quality, punctuality, and other things we can do for you.

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