Tips to Acid Wash A Swimming Pool

Tips to Acid Wash Swimming Pool

If it has become difficult for you to remove your pool stains with chemical treatment, you might need an acid wash. It is advised to refrain from attempting this practice at home and hire pool closing services for this task. Acid wash helps restore the look and aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool. It also enables you to get rid of the grime and stains of your pool, ensuring that it is clean to dive into. Hire Pool Cleaning Georgia for your acid-washing service at an affordable rate. We have years of experience in this field and know what type of pools need which kind of acid wash.

Pool Acid Washing

Pool acid wash is a great strategy to eliminate all the dirty stains that make your pool look bad. An acid wash will remove those stains completely and add a new look to your swimming pool. After which you want to have a good time and enjoy your pool. But always keep in mind to hire a professional for all your Pool Closing and Opening Services.

How is Acid Washing a Pool Work in Practice?

The primary chemical used in pool acid cleaning involves mixing chemicals with water and spraying them over the pool’s surface to remove filth and buildup. It is hydrochloric acid, also known as muriatic acid. A professional will next scrub the pool to remove the dirt and stains. The chemical wash may easily remove accumulated algae and stains on your pool’s surface.

Does Acid Washing Get Rid Of All Kinds Of Stains And Algae?

Regardless of whether you have a plaster pool, algae and stains can quickly turn your outdoor haven into an unattractive nuisance. Add acid wash to your Swimming Pool Closing Services for this summer. Here are some reasons why your pool needs acid wash:

The Color Of Magnesium Does Not Fade

The water source you select will affect the amount of magnesium in your pool’s water. A surplus of magnesium in a swimming pool may cause pink, crimson, or even black discolouration. Magnesium stains are easily removed from pool pools with acid cleaning.

Bronze Marks

Since well water is often mineral-rich, it may discolour swimming pools with copper and magnesium. Acid cleaning may remove the blue, green, and black stains left by copper on a pool. Hire a Seasonal Pool Closing service provider to get rid of these marks.

Good Hydraulics

Hard water stains, sometimes called scum, are caused by calcite deposits. These deposits could be seen where the water and tile of your pool meet. Hard water stains cause cloudiness and a dangerous drop in the pH of the water. Similarly, to this, acid pool cleaning may remove hard water stains.

Growth Of Algae

Most pool owners use acid cleaning to eliminate stains that algae development has left behind. Numerous factors, including poor circulation, unbalanced pH levels, and improper pool maintenance, may lead to algae blooms. Algae bloom poses a risk to one’s health and blocks pool filters. If your pool has algae, an acid wash could eliminate it and stop further harm to your paradise.

How Often Should A Pool Acid Wash Be Performed?

If you maintain your pool regularly, you generally won’t need to acid wash it more often than once every seven years. Since the strong chemicals used in the pool may damage the surface, pools should only be acid cleaned once every two weeks.

Is Using Acid To Clean Safe?

There is no escaping the fact that acid pool cleaning calls for powerful chemicals. When maintaining a pool, it is necessary to employ dangerous chemicals; if you are not an expert, you run the pool of becoming sick or hurt. To ensure your safety and the safety of the pool, it is recommended that you hire professional Seasonal Pool Closing Services if you wish to have your pool acid cleansed.

Poor acid cleaning of a swimming pool might lead to the following problems:

  • Chemicals may burn your skin if protective equipment is not used.
  • Inhaling the substances damages the lungs.
  • concerns with the surface of the pool becoming discoloured
  • Your pool’s surface has been damaged.
  • Since a pool only has to be cleaned once every 5-7 years, hiring a professional pool cleaner is the best option.
  • Our experts will analyze your pool water and come up with the most compatible acid wash required.


Hopefully, now you have a good idea for an acid wash for swimming pools. There are different benefits and drawbacks of taking acid wash services for your pool. Acid wash helps remove stains from your pool but affects the life of your pool surface. So consider Pool Cleaning Georgia for your pool closing services to ensure the maximum life of your pool. Our experts will analyze your pool water and come up with the most compatible acid wash required.

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